News update

Some of the tasks that can be carried out but are not limited to this month include:

Vegetative and site clearance. This month is the last clear month in which nesting birds are of a less consideration when carrying out these tasks.

Surveying for badgers, including bait-marking if necessary. Field signs and latrines are more visible due to lack of cover. The early part of February sees the peak of the cubbing season for badgers.

Consider the construction of artificial badger setts now in advance of sett closures in the summer months this is useful to allow social groups to familiarise themselves with the new quarters that are being provided.

Tree and hedge planting, especially bare root specimens. It’s a great time of year for planting up woods, shelter belts and establishing new and rejuvenating old hedges to enable habitat connectivity.

February has also seen a flurry of activity related to tendering both within the private and public sectors and although this can at times seem like a laborious task, as a company it is essential for business that we maintain a continuous involvement in these processes. Attending bidders meetings and supplier engagement days allows us the valuable chance to meet with and exchange information with other individuals and companies.  

This month sees us meet with some of the large Joint Ventures involved with bidding for the HS2 rail enabling works contracts. This enormous civil engineering project will generate a huge demand for ecological contracting and consultancy inputs to safeguard and mitigate wildlife and habitat disturbance and loss over the coming years.